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About the so-call two errors (mistakes) in Misner-Thorne-Wheeler

  1. Jun 12, 2007 #1
    About the so-call "two errors (mistakes)" in Misner-Thorne-Wheeler

    If I remember correctly, Kip Thorne once said that "there are two errors (mistakes) in Misner-Thorne-Wheeler".
    I am wondering if anyone know exactly what errors these are (he mentioned one of them during the same talk, but I can't remember it at all:blushing:)?
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    They write three times "Schwarzs-child" instead of "Schwarz-schild". That makes a total of 5. :tongue2:
    Seriously, I remember having relied on an allegedly erroneous section in a forum discussion not long ago. But the same problem: I can't remember what topic, which forum, or if it really was me. :confused:
    Better wait for Chris Hillman, he's the one who should know.
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