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Acadamia vs. Industry - supervisors role

  1. Feb 14, 2013 #1
    Acadamia vs. Industry -- supervisors role

    Is there an incentive for supervisors to guide their Ph.D. students to follow an academic career rather than move to industry?
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    Re: Acadamia vs. Industry -- supervisors role

    Yes, but I think it is mostly non-financial - there may be financial benefit if their area of study is bigger and more prestigious, but every researcher in the same field is also (sometimes indirect) competition for limited dollars. I don't think either of those have much impact, but I'd be interested if others disagree.

    You didn’t specify a discipline, but assuming you’re discussing physics, many professors see industry as failure and academia as success, and some part of their ego is tied up in getting students into academic positions. Obviously this varies by individual, by specialty and by institution.
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