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Courses Accelerated, rigorous courses for college credit

  1. Nov 10, 2009 #1
    this may be too much to ask of you,
    but if possible, please give me ideas,
    have you any knowledge of anything in the us that will give one college credit for a high school student? not some trivial sh*t like ap/ib calculus, multivar calculus, or diff eqs...
    something more proof based, like analysis, abstract/linear algebra, topology... something as close to math 55 as possible?
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    Sorry, You did not answer my question satisfactorily.

    i don't live near california, so the stanford program is infeasible.

    And by rigorous i meant not [paraphrase]"usually taken when you're older"[/paraphrase], but mathematically rigorous, i.e. with emphasis on proofs.
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    Please check the links properly before you comment. They are all online courses. And yes, some of the courses there are mathematically rigorous.


    If you don't appreciate those courses, you could always get a book you'd think was rigorous enough and self study.
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