Acceleration is not in direction of force

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"acceleration is not in direction of force"

The following quote was in a post now closed:
"i dont know how this person says that acceleration is not in direction of force
there fore angle HAS to be zero degrees."
If "force" is meant to be dp/dt, then "acceleration is not in direction of force."
Since dp/dt=m\gamma^3[a+vX(vXa)], there are important cases where
"acceleration is not in direction of force."

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Meir, when a thread has been locked, it defeats the purpose of locking it, if a new thread starts off on attempting to dispute something that was said in the earlier thread. A continuation of the discussion is specifically what the moderating mentors wanted to avoid.
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Err..Sorry it was me who typed that.I meant to say isnt acceleration in the direction of motion.Sorry my mistake