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Accelerometer and data acquisition system specification

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    I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and the voodoo that is electronics/ electrical engineering baffles me.

    However a portion of my final year project requires me to specify certain transducers and a data acquisition system.

    At the minute I am trying to specify an accelerometer.

    I'm either correctly or incorrectly looking at Piezoelectric accelerometers as my research has lead me to believe that they are the way to go when looking at dynamic accelerations (the project is a piece of apparatus to test the performance of head restraints in vehicles).

    The guide lines I have to stick to are that the channel has to be channel frequency class 600.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction as to what values I need to be interested in on the data sheets for accelerometers?

    Many thanks, to anyone who can spare me a bit of wisdom.
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    Sorry to bump this but if no one has any ideas, can someone suggest a book or resource that might explain what channel frequency class is and how it will affect the specification of transducers?
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    You may want to ask the person that posed the problem what channel class 600 means.
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