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Courses Adding a math minor to a physics degree?

  1. Jul 24, 2016 #1
    Hello guys,

    I was wondering what are your thoughts on pursuing a math minor in addition to my physics degree. I have two years left to graduate. I will have to go through Transition (introduction to proofs), Linear Algebra, Analysis, Abstract Algebra and number theory and a 400 level class. Can anyone who has gone through this describe to me the workload and pros/cons of doing it? did it further your understanding and skills in physics at all?
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    It never hurts to learn more math. That is, in general, yourself with all your physics knowledge with an extra math course will be at a slight advantage over yourself with all your physics knowledge without that math course. It just depends on what you plan on doing whether the effort of taking the extra math courses is worth it. I can't comment specifically on each of them.
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    I am looking into research and I want to get in graduate school; most likely for condensed matter or energy related degrees after I finish my undergrad.
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    Dr Transport

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    take applied math courses, PDE's, Linear Algebra, Computational Math, a real course in geometry (not differential geometry, I am not adverse to it, but unless your thinking relativity as a research topic), a nonlinear math course might not be a bad thing either.

    Where I got my UG degree, a math minor was 1 additional course for a physics major since we had to take a year long course in advanced applied math from the math department since they didn't teach a math methods course.
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