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A Advanced Aliens Are In Happiness Boxes: Why SETI Must Fail

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    There is an aspect to this SETI problem that has not yet been considered.

    I'd post the entire article here if I could, but the copyright is not mine for one year. (Yeah, I wrote this.)


    Any SETI scientist who reads this is going to feel a cold-steel knife in his guts. And the smarter and smarter he or she is, the harder and harder that knife is going to twist.

    Several people have observed not all sentients will choose to go into Happiness Boxes. True, but the ones who don't go will die off eventually, since they chose to remain exposed to the Universe and all its dangers, and only the sentients in Happiness Boxes---sealed off from the Universe---will remain. Over a million-year time scale, the final, equilibrium state is not in doubt.
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    I'm not a SETI scientist but I completely and totally disagree w/ your conclusion, which I think is nonsense.
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    So your solution of the Fermi paradox is that intelligent aliens exist,
    but they are all stoned and playing video games?
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    Yep. Sounds like pretty stupid aliens to me.
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    Omni is not an acceptable source for serious science.

    Thread closed.
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