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  1. I'm finishing up a masters degree (non-thesis) in AE, and am faced with something of a dilemma. Like many other AE programs, my graduate program offers core courses in four main subject areas (fluid dynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion, and structural analysis), as well as specialized elective courses in those areas. To meet the requirements of the degree, I have to take core courses in three out of the four subject areas, then take electives to cover the remaining balance of course hours.

    After this semester, I will have completed core courses in fluid dynamics, flight mechanics, and structural analysis, and will only need to take a few electives to cover the coursework requirements for the degree. My question is: Should I take some core courses in propulsion to broaden the scope of my knowledge, or should I take a few more specialized electives in my main area of interest (structural analysis)? I have no interest in getting a Ph.D, which means I'm looking for employment in government or the private sector after graduation.
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    I would say that it can't hurt to broaden your horizons, especially if there is a chance that you can be hired in the propulsion field. We have a lot of structural guys in my company. If you didn't I would look at what is left in your area and do a sanity check on their applicability. Either way you'll have the degree, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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