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Advice For An Engineer Working In Automotive Manufacturing

  1. Aug 26, 2012 #1

    Im about to start work for an electrical component and wire harnessing manufacturing company. Im joining the company on a graduate scheme and was looking for some advice on what to expect from the job. Also if theres any background reading or knowledge i could obtain before i start work that would give me a leg up.

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    Nobody should expect you to hit the ground running. Ask lots of questions. Don't pretend that you know something that you don't. Even if you think you know something, ask a question instead of assuming something.

    There are lots of things that may seem strange to you until you understand who is using the gear, how it gets used, and why things got the way they are. Don't try to change things right away, just learn.

    The opportunity to do interesting things will come with time. Right now, you have a duty to learn everything you can.
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