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Studying Advice for Studying Aerospace Engineering.

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    I have pretty much chosen that when I go to University in the very near future, I want to study Aerospace Engineering. I have a few questions for the "Been there, done that" guys. First, I am in Canada just for the record, so I will most likely be attending University here, rather than abroad.

    Anyway, first question I have. As an Undergraduate, what is the most beneficial course to major in as a base for Aero-Eng. Should I further study Physics and/or Mathematics, or should I get some background in Mechanical Engineering first or, would a program like this one http://www.mae.carleton.ca/maehtmls/usAerospace.html [Broken], which is jumping right into an Aerospace Engineering degree, be the best way to go?

    My second question is regarding specific universities, which I know is a tough subject. For what I want to do, what choices of Universities in Canada do I have for Undergraduate studies? So far I have looked at Waterloo, for Physics/Math if I go in that direction, or University of Toronto or Carleton University for Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering. Would those be wise choices or should I look elsewhere? For Graduate studies, I'm guessing I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it :rolleyes:

    I'm sorry for all the questions, but It seems the more I look into my future education, and where I'm going etc. The more questions that I come up with!
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    I dont understand your question. Aerospace majors take Aerospace courses.
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    if you want a job in aerospace eng. after you get your degree don't miss Ryerson University in downtown Toronto,
    http://www.ryerson.ca/~aeronet/ [Broken]
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    I actually missed out an important detail of why I was asking. I was looking around and it seems very few Universities actually offer Undergraduate programs in Aerospace Engineering (I'm sure I'm missing some, that's why I'm here), the closest most do is a Mech-Eng program, or Physics etc. which was why I was wondering if I should go for a different major for Undergraduate, then take Aerospace Engineering in Grad school. Sorry for the confusion :)
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