Advice on purchasing an electronics toolkit

  1. Hi,
    So I was thinking of purchasing an electronics toolkit, but I need recommendations.
    I'm looking to prepare for a second year physics lab (although my main reason in wanting to purchase a electronics toolkit is interest).
    So my own research lead me to:

    Does anyone else have better recommendations?

    I'm mainly looking at developing stronger skills dealing with circuit elements, multimeters, capacitors, diodes etc.

    Thanks in advance.
    (Also note I'd rather not exceed a budget of $200)
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  3. I know its been a while, but with school done I'm finally ready to go ahead and purchase my first toolkit.
    Upon further investigating I found:

    Would this maybe be better than the above mentioned package?
    This kit is cheaper, and has the programming feature with interests me.
  4. Basic tools is one thing. A uP experimenter's pack is another. There are two forum stickies that cover both subjects.
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