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Advice on purchasing an electronics toolkit

  1. Feb 15, 2014 #1
    So I was thinking of purchasing an electronics toolkit, but I need recommendations.
    I'm looking to prepare for a second year physics lab (although my main reason in wanting to purchase a electronics toolkit is interest).
    So my own research lead me to: http://www.makershed.com/Make_Electronics_Components_Pack_1_p/mers1.htm

    Does anyone else have better recommendations?

    I'm mainly looking at developing stronger skills dealing with circuit elements, multimeters, capacitors, diodes etc.

    Thanks in advance.
    (Also note I'd rather not exceed a budget of $200)
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    I know its been a while, but with school done I'm finally ready to go ahead and purchase my first toolkit.
    Upon further investigating I found:

    Would this maybe be better than the above mentioned package?
    This kit is cheaper, and has the programming feature with interests me.
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    Basic tools is one thing. A uP experimenter's pack is another. There are two forum stickies that cover both subjects.
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