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Homework Help: Advice required on Boolean algebra question

  1. Oct 17, 2012 #1
    I have been asked to simplify this Boolean expression:

    ~A~B~C~D + ~A~B~CD + ~A~BCD + ~AB~C~D + ~AB~CD + ~ABC~D + ~ABCD + A~B~C~D + A~B~CD

    I have simplified it down to:

    ~AB + ~A~C + ~AD + ~C~B

    But I know that the simplification goes further to:

    ~AB + ~AD + ~C~B

    I've looked at the truth table and seen that ~A~C is indeed superfluous, but I am unsure of how to prove this algebraically.
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    Can you use a Karnaugh map, or do you need to do it algebraically?
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    It doesn't need to be done algebraically, I just thought that was the way to do it.
    I've heard of a Karnaugh map before, but have no idea what it is or does. I will look it up now.


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    Great! Yeah, using a K-map I got the final 3 terms that you listed.
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    Fantastic! I also found the 3 terms I was expecting and also solved another problem that was giving me some trouble.

    Thanks berkeman.
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