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Advice sought on UK Masters degrees

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    I am intending to apply to some physics masters courses after my Natural Sciences BSc at UEA. I wonder if anyone could give me any advice as to the difficulty of the courses and my suitability for them? I have asked the admissions departments, but as one would expect, they are busy and thus have given very short replies.

    My Natural Sciences degree includes a few maths courses (Astrophysics, Mechanics & Modelling, Calculus, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Dynamical Systems) along with more general maths courses that include vector calculus, fourier series, fluid mechanics, matrices, numerical methods, solid mechanics & differential equations. In addition there has been a lot of chemical physics, including some optics, more Quantum mechanics, and some QED soon.

    I am also furiously studying extra physics outside of my degree.

    The degrees I am interested in are QFFF at ICL, EPT at Durham, Theoretical Physics at KCL, Theoretical Physics at Surrey.

    Does my background sound enough to handle these courses? I am averaging around 85% so far in my BSc. Can anyone suggest other Theoretical phys masters, or what material I should be studying on top of my degree?

    Thanks in advance
    Scott Smith
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    I think those course you mentioned are really hard to get into. But you seem like you have a good background.
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    Check out the handbooks for suggested background reading, and read the books recommended. They should integrate well with what are you are doing anyway. But don't let extra reading damage your 85% average.

    For example, read the last few pages of:

    https://www8.imperial.ac.uk/content/dav/ad/workspaces/theoreticalphysics/MSc/handbook0910.pdf [Broken]

    Try and mention the books in interview ("As Davies points out in his QM book...") That will show you really care about the course enough to take their advice before even taking the course. Good Brownie points for that! Plus the books recommended are really good books...
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    Hi there,
    I am doing the QFFF course at ICL at the moment, buzz me if you got questions.
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    Check this course too: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/phys/admissions/msc/hep [Broken]
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    I've seen that actually, but self funding a 2 year course in London is out of the question - couldn't do it without a studentship. Are you currently on that course?
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    No, although I would have liked to. Today I have my last (and hardest) exam that completes my UoL Intercollegiate MSci. Means I have the luxury of choosing 4th year courses from any of UCL, KCL, QMUL and RHUL. Happy to answer any questions you might have :)
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    well, I am going to apply for the 2 year SEPnet Euromasters at QM (again, would need funding), and the theoretical masters at KCL, both of which would allow me access me to intercollegiate courses I think, so I'd be interested to know which courses you've taken and how well taught they are, etc..

    Is yours an extension to a BSc, or a standalone Masters?
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