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Advice wanted: online chat - text or voice

  1. Dec 19, 2005 #1


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    I (or more accurately, my beau) want to start up a chat room.

    - I am open about whether it is voice or text-only. In fact, I am open about whether it uses computers at all. (If someone could tell me how I could get a conference phone call going at a reasonable rate.)
    - it's for a select group of people (~ a dozen) - by invite only
    - the time is fixed, so we only need it open for a 2 hour window each few weeks
    - I'd have to get the intended participants up-to-speed software-install-wise

    I've tried MSN Messenger, but it's voice feature allows only two people.
    Yahoo doesn't allow creation of new rooms, thus, I can't make it private.
    Skype is just scary.

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    What's wrong with skype? It's free to use and has a conference feature of up to 4 people. Have you ever heard of the poweruser podcast?


    They use skype can it sounds very good.
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    1] As per my requirements, it needs to support more than 4.
    2] Their v2 s/w didn't work AT ALL last time I checked, it just fails outright. Maybe they've fixed it.
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    If you need more than 4 people then text is going to be the only way. The bandwidth requirements for more than 4 voice streams is just too excessive for an ordinary broadband user.

    How about an IRC chatroom?
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    I agree, voice was an option with Cu See Me and when newbies would enter a reflector and start talking it would eat all the bandwidth, they either stopped at our "request" or got banned.

    Your only other option, that I am aware of, would be a pay service for voice, not sure what you consider cheap.
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    OK, I looked at that and have installed it locally to test. (I guess I'm instralling a client, not a host. I thought I"d be setting up a host in my Domain or something.)

    So, are my users going to have to go through the same procedure? Do I set up my "channel" and tell them how to find it?
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    there are voice programs that are commonly used in games that you might be able to use..You'd have to hav ea host server...but i think their free.

    Ventrilo and teamspeak are 2 commonly used in games...they house alot more than 4...and several chatrooms on one server..
  10. Mar 16, 2006 #9
    I personally use Ventrilo. If you have high-speed internet, you can use your own computer as the server. When I want to chat, I simply startup the server software. This then allows myself and those with whom I wish to talk to connect using the client software. It is quite simple.

    The initial setup up the host server simply requires forwarding a port, enabling DMZ on your local IP address (in most cases), opening the server, then connecting via IP address.
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