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Advise for a twenty something entering EE studies?

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    There are some amazing pinned threads in various sub forums here about career and general life advise for students. Does anyone have some advise for someone about to enter Electrical Engineering?

    For myself, I want to know some physics, and I also want to have a good job. I'm starting my junior year next month in physics, and plan on picking up a second major in electrical engineering for employment. I have one very small idea about what I'm getting myself into.

    Does anyone have some advise? Are there any things that you wish you knew at this point in your life?
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    Sure.......study hard NOW. Leave the girls and booze behind until you graduate. You will need to study a lot seven days a week year round to develop your mind. The degree you obtain is important, what you actually learn in school is even more important....problem solving and thinking skills in particular.

    EE is certainly based off of physics, but in general there is more jobs in EE and the pay is generally higher.
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    Some more general advice is to remember to save 20% of your income no matter what, to spend no more than 10% on entertainment, don't get caught in credit card debt cycle by buying beyond your means, always live below your means no matter how much you make.

    I heard this on NPR on Father's Day: A Dad's Advice to his Son, (advice he wished his Dad had told him)
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    Hmmmm, I'm saving roughly 10% and spending roughly 20% on entertainment.

    Perhaps a tweak is in order.....
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