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Aerospace/astronautical engineering in the future?

  1. Apr 1, 2009 #1
    How much might the field of aerospace engineering grow in the future.
    Do you think that the average salary will increase in the next 15 years or so?
    Again, if you're going to answer just by saying it depends, i prefer you just don't answer.
    Thanks for Your Time!
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    It would probably be preferable then that you don't post of these sort of threads if you're asking such a vague question.

    Salary in the aviation side or space side? Private sector or government work, aka NASA? Average starting salary or average salary of all Aerospace engineers?
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    TOE, according the the Dept. of Labour and Stats. for the US Aerospace engineering looks bright and sunny in the future. That's the only definitive answer you can get.

    And why are you asking about the next 15 years? Do you know anyone 15 years into the future already?
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