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Aerospace Engineeering Assignment

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    Hi people, i am really in a deep trouble and i will be so happy if anyone can help. Any tips will be so appreciated and make a real different to what i am going through at the moment. i have got two question to answer.

    1. Experiment of boundry layer on a flat surface : giving dtails of how the boundry layer are formed

    2.Eperiment of pressure distribution on an airfoil at differents angle of attack
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    One cool airfoil diagram is the one that explains why birds fly in a V:

    http://www.warren-wilson.edu/~physics/PhysPhotOfWeek/20060929GeeseV/index.html" [Broken]

    It means the lead bird and the 2 flanking birds do extra work, but the everage of each bird's total work is reduced by a huge percentage. And about boundary layers, are you talking about the fluid surface separating 2 mediums? There is a lot of info online about both these topics. Try Wikipedia.org first, and be sure to look at the references and external links at the end of each article. Then try google...
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