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Schools Aerospace Engineering Colleges

  1. Jul 30, 2016 #1
    Hey! I am thinking about majoring in aerospace engineering, and am starting to research colleges. I thought it would be helpful to get some information from current aerospace engineers or students. What college did you go to, and what did you like about it?

    Thanks :)
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    If you live in California, there is an affordable option. There is a dual program with Harvey Mudd and Cal State Long Beach. It is only for graduate students.
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    Ok, I am looking for undergraduate school right now, but thanks for your repy!
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    Dr Transport

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    what state are you located in?
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    The way your question is posed has not proven to be a fruitful way to solicit advice on this site, mainly because it relieves the OP from doing the groundwork research that he or she should be doing. It places the burden on the potential responder to interpret what information would best suit you.

    Once said research on the part of the OP leads to particular programs, it is then productive to ask "I'm interested in applying to the Aerospace Engineering program at XYZ for the following reasons...Can anyone give me insight into research opportunities, difficulty, expectations, quality of the faculty there"?
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