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After a dance class I got a really sore hamstring

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    A few of weeks ago after a dance class I got a really sore hamstring. I thought it was nothing. But three weeks later it is still sore. Have I pulled my hamstring? I don't know how I could have done it (I am very flexible from yoga and pilates and didn't do that much the night I hurt it) How long should it take to get better, it is seriously affecting my fitness/strength/flexibility :cry: Is there anything I can do to make it go away?
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    I suggest seeing a doctor if it doesn't go away in another week. It really depends on how long you've been dancing though, if you've just started it might be a normal thing (even if you are flexible), but if you've been doing it for ages then it might be something to worry about.

    I'm sure alot of other people will give you heaps better advice then this, but this is mine.

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    Yeah I have been dancing for many years started at 4 (if you can call it dancing at that age) Thanks I hope it doesn't have to get to the point of seeing a doctor
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    Ouch, hope it feels better soon. Sounds like you strained it to me, keeping it wraped should help. Being that its already been a few weeks and you are active..a quick trip to the doctors, would seem in order.
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    Were you wearing shoes you don't normally dance in, were they high heels?
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    Are you sure it was because of the dancing? You didn't get it kicking your ex's ass? :biggrin:
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    I pulled a hamstring, and it took several weeks - more like a month + to heal (rw, I venture that I am probably more than twice your age). I still have to be careful to stetch before I do any activity which involves full and/or rapid extension of the hamstring (and other muscles).

    Besides anti-inflammatory medication, one can use contrasting (alternating hot and cold, which also works well on strained tendons) and deep tissue massage, as well as 'gentle' stretching. I used a heat pad and ice pad for contrasting, and a heat pad with deep tissue massage.
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    If you didn't rest/ice/compress/elevate it immediately after the injury then it's no wonder it's still sore.
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    I thought it was nothing maybe just over stretched a bit but over stretching doesn't last this long. I was wearing heels because it was salsa and then had american jazz so wore jazz shoes.
    Danger I was pretty sure I didn't do it kicking my ex's ass
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    Well, maybe next time... if he's dumb enough to present himself again...
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