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Age of universe and relativity

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    Hi, one of physician from Yale Univ explained first 6 days in bible can be very similar to 16 billion years if we understand relativity.
    His theory tells that
    first day after the big bang, temperture of the universe was around 3 trillion times higher which means frequency of universe clock(?) was 3 trillioin times higher, therefore a second of the universe clock was 3 trilion times faster and that makes 1 second apprx 90,000 yrs and one day 8billion yrs. the next day temperture of the universe decreases and frequency also decreases and if we assume the temperture was halved then second day after big bang could be 4 billion yrs in todays time and so on , so on.

    is the point made from the physician valid other than accuracy of the numerical figures?
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    No. You can obviously find a function f such that f(6)=16*365*109, but why would anyone want to? It still wouldn't support any religious claims, or anything else.

    By the way, the current best estimate of the age of the universe is 13.7 billion years ±1%.
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