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Air entering external jugular vein?

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    Hello everyone,

    If external jugular vein is damaged and is kept open, air can enter upon inspiration. I thought in inspiration air only travels to through trachea to lungs, so how can air enter the vein in inspiration. When we breathe, air only passes through trachea right, our whole body doesn't get it right (I know later by capilllaries in lungs but directly I mean) ? Thanks :smile:
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    If you introduce a quantity of air into the bloodstream, especially a mass into a vein, you have a bubble that will travel to the lungs, or heart, or brain. It is called an air embolism and it is the reason you always see doctors in "ye olde" movies flushing syringes before injection.

    As for how it occurs, venous pressure drops upon inspiration. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugular_venous_pressure

    That said, how is the jugular ever "kept open" without killing you?

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    Yes that's me lol :smile: Thanks for the reply. However I'm finding it difficult to express my question. My question is if the vein is kept open, if air enters, is this air dissolved in interstistial fluid? When we breathe air only goes to lungs, so why does it matter, or wait pressure drops in inspiration or right I get it, but still air is the air in the interstitial fluid right. Thanks again!!
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