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Alternative Energy Masters Help!

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1
    I am thinking about pursuing a masters degree in alternative energy engineering in the winter but have been running into some trouble. I can only find two colleges who offers such a degree, the first is Wright Stat U (ohio) and the second is Wayne State (michigan) I would like to stay a little closer to the east coast but I haven't found anything yet. Does anyone know of any other colleges offering a m.s. in alt energy?
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    You can design your own degree at most universities, or you can do an interdisciplinary degree that focuses on alternative energies. I'm sure most engineering departments would be happy to help you figure out a good mix of EE and ME programs for alternative energies. Our campus has recently been picking up sustainable energy type courses.
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    I highly recommend going for any other Engineering Masters, or even an MBA, and then targeting companies that are working in alternative energy.

    Right now, Alternative Energy is great, but all the development is a sign of the times.

    Having a Masters degree in any other formal engineering or formal curriculum will prove much more useful.
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