AMCAP error message sorry, you have no video capture hardware?

  1. AMCAP... error message...sorry, you have no video capture hardware??


    Just bought a webcam (pc14-8 led 1.3 megapixel web cam. All I want to do is record some video for youtube but I know little about video capture hardware/software.

    According to the manual I have the correct system requirements and installed as per instructions using the AMCAP driver supplied on disk with the web cam But the following error message appears...

    Sorry, you have no video capture hardware......can anyone diagnose the problem ??
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    It would help if you specified your OS. Is it USB? Model numbers?
    But it sounds like the device driver didn't install.
    If you are using a windows box you can check the drivers status by right clicking on My Computer and selecting manage.
  4. hi thanks for getting back to me ...OS windows xp web cam connection is USB
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    It sounds like your system isn't finding the camera. Check in the control panel to see if your system shows the camera connected and active. If it does, you may have to re-install, make sure you pay attention to when your installation guide tells you to plug the camera in. USB connected devices can be touchy.

    Sorry, I'm working from memory here since I'm on a different system on my work computer.
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