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Amount of kinetic energy in universe

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    What is the source of kinetic energy? Take two calculation that result in a lot of energy. First, if the Milky Way is moving toward the Virgo cluster at 600km/ sec, it has a kinetic energy of 4 e59 ergs. Second, take an electron "rotating" around a nucleus with a ionization energy of 15eV and then multiply by the number of electrons ,e79, for e68 ergs. There are many objects moving and spinning all with significant energy. Here does it come from?
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    God knows.
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    It would be very hard to calculate all the Kinetic energy in the universe due to the fact it always changing with other energies (gravitational, thermal etc). What is the source of kinetic energy? = Complex question, like saying what is the source of Gravity. Dunno its just kinda there :uhh: :eek: :surprised :confused: :zzz:
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    What frame do you want to calculate this in?
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    What does "frame" mean?
    I think most of the kinetic energy in the universe was caused by gravity acting on matter that was unevenly distributed.
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