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Amplitude-frequency relationship

  1. Sep 18, 2008 #1
    I was doing a chemistry test, one question was asking to state the relationship between the amplitude and frequency of a wave.
    I wrote that they had no relationship, as amplitude can go higher with frequency staying the same. Was I right?
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    This depends entirely on the context. If the "generator" of that wave has a constant power source, then yes, there is a dependence between frequency and amplitude. If the context is a simply wave problem, then maybe they're simply testing you on [itex]v=f\lambda[/itex]. Then in that case, there isn't.

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    Actually the test was mainly on photons and formulas just like [tex]\upsilon=\lambda\nu[/tex]. What you mean with constant power source?
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    Meaningless question I would have thought without some context.
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