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Amsler Pendulum Dynamometer PM103

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    Please help
    We have an old Amsler Pendulum Dynamometer type PM 103 tensile testing machine which has been working admirably for many years - recently we started having problems with slight variations in loading rate and a tendency for the pendulum to bounce when loading is applied/removed abruptly. Reference to the manual suggests one or more of the valves may be blocked and needs to be stripped/cleaned. Unfortunately our manual is not complete and makes reference to two drawings, which have been lost (prior to our purchase of the machine), showing the location of the valves in question. The description of the maintenance procedure only refers to the valves and valve components by drawing numbers and as such is extremely difficult to follow without the drawings.

    Can anyone help with supply of hydraulic drawings for the machine (or contact details for other labs operating similar machines) – our manual lists the drawings as 103.009 and 103.010 – general web search has proved fruitless.
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    Hello OrigenJP - We might be able to help you. Please can you tell us your location and contact details so that we can get in touch. OR you can mail us at info@zwick.com
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    David Phillips
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    Many thanks to Alfred Bai from www.walterbai.com for complete response and drawings - service par excellence.
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