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An attempt to the Unified Theory of Physics.

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    I found a man that claims the following
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    Mostly that is so confusing, that I wouldn't bother to find specific mistakes, but "the relative velocity of light" section at least is absolutely ridiculous to anyone who has understood the basics about special relativity.
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    You know, there are quite a lot of people we call "crackpots" out there, and they are especially noisy on the internet. We clean out PF for this ; if you want to know what happens to a forum where this is not done, have a look at the usenet group sci.physics.

    To recognize them, here is the world-famous crackpot index:


    I'm going to lock this thread now, as we don't discuss crackpot cites (and after a visit, it is clear that the cite asked about by the OP is of this kind!).
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