What is Unified theory: Definition and 35 Discussions

In physics, a unified field theory (UFT) is a type of field theory that allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a pair of physical and virtual fields. According to the modern discoveries in physics, forces are not transmitted directly between interacting objects, but instead are described and interrupted by intermediary entities called fields.
Classically, however, a duality of the fields is combined into a single physical field. For over a century, unified field theory has remained an open line of research and the term was coined by Albert Einstein, who attempted to unify his general theory of relativity with electromagnetism. The "Theory of Everything" and Grand Unified Theory are closely related to unified field theory, but differ by not requiring the basis of nature to be fields, and often by attempting to explain physical constants of nature. Earlier attempts based on classical physics are described in the article on classical unified field theories.
The goal of a unified field theory has led to a great deal of progress for future theoretical physics and progress continues.

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  1. C

    A Could this unified theory be correct?

    First they got the higgs mass wrong (according to 2 independent measurements) but later they found a way to get the correct mass (after the mass already had been determined via LHC). https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0610241 https://arxiv.org/abs/1208.1030 This looks too good to be true to me.
  2. P

    A Strand Model Published: Physics of Particles & Nuclei 50 (2019)

    This is just to complement some older threads on the topic. The strand model, a conjecture that appears to describe both the standard model and general relativity, has been published. The DOI is http://dx.doi.org/10.1134/S1063779619030055 and the reference is Physics of Particles and Nuclei...
  3. N

    I Einstein's Pursuit of Unified Theory: Motivation and Observations

    I just finished reading Walter Isacson's Einstein. I note that Einstein's motivation for Special Relativity was the constant speed of light as shown by Michelson and Morley, and his motivation for General Relativity was the equivalence of gravity and acceleration as experienced, for example, in...
  4. Ranku

    I Grand Unified Theory and proton decay

    How far ahead are we in Grand Unified Theory? Are we still searching for proton decay?
  5. Arman777

    I Why there's No Unified Theory ?

    What's the main reason that we cannot unify QED and Gravity or with other foces ?
  6. parshyaa

    I What if the mystery of unified theory is solved?

    What if the mystery of unified theory is solved (i.e we found a TOE)? What would be the next mystery in physics(will their be any or will the context of physics would be completed(i don't think so,what do you think?).
  7. Basicsofphysics

    A A Unified Theory of Relativity and Particle Physics

    Is there a peer reviewed paper that proposes a way to connect the relativity of time dilation, length contraction and the relative effects of gravitation per acceleration with respect to mass with the standard model of particle physics? An established theory which also takes into account both...
  8. zdroide

    I Is there a real need for a theory of everything (ToE)?

    I been studying quantum field theory and standard model lately. I not see how a unified theory could fit between quantum field and special or general relativity. One being for big objects and the other for microscopic one. In fact, standard model not seem to be all proven. Many particles are not...
  9. S

    A Exceptional group and grand unified theory

    Dear All I have a project about exceptional group as a candidate group for grand unified theories. Can anyone suggest me any paper or reference to use. Thank you
  10. Finny

    What are the prospects for the Causal Fermion System?

    Wikipedia: The theory of causal fermion systems is an approach to describe fundamental physics. It gives quantum mechanics,general relativity and quantum field theory as limiting cases and is therefore a candidate for a unified physical theory. It seems possible this might be progress. A step...
  11. T

    The grand unified theory

    There have been heretofore 4 forces generally acknowledged, weak, strong, electromagnetic and gravity. And there has been the quest to unify those 4. As I understand it the first 3 have for all intents and purposes been unified and that gravity is the holdout. But since gravity is not a...
  12. G

    Aspiring Theoretical Physicist Seeks Grand Unified Theory Impact

    I am a sixteen year old aspiring theoretical physicist, my dream is to actually be the one who discover the GUT(I know it sounds a bit quixotic but that won't stop me). I was watching a tv show and it made me think even if I do find a gut theory how will it contribute to society on a large...
  13. 4

    What is the difference between a Grand Unified Theory and a TOE?

    Have weak nuclear, strong nuclear, and electromagnetism all been unified? If so, is that the GUT? And is it that unifying those forces with gravity would lead to a TOE? Thanks. I'm just getting a little confused.
  14. W

    Maybe there is no grand unified theory?

    This is a complete layman question because the topic goes well beyond my head, but I was thinking... There has been a quest of a "grand unified theory", a single theory of physics that would explain spacetime, gravity, quantum mechanics, and everything in between. But what makes scientists so...
  15. L

    Unified Theory of Dark Matter, Dark Energy from altered EFE

    www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/09/120906092059.htm http://arxiv.org/abs/1206.5078 Very interesting article, has anyone seen this or looked at the paper? I don't have GR knowledge to make sense of what's going on. "The difference between the new field equations and Einstein's equations is...
  16. W

    Unified Theory of Chaos?

    I've been doing a lot of reading on chaos lately. Things like the butterfly effect, the logistic equation, the Lorenz attractor, etc. It's all great and wonderful but I'm finding things very un-unified. I understand that certain nonlinear systems can sometimes exhibit chaotic behavior, but...
  17. Demystifier

    Exploring Einstein's Search for a Unified Theory: A Technical Analysis

    Many popular-physics books mention that Einstein searched for a unified theory of all interactions, and that he failed in his research. However, they never say what exactly the Einstein ideas were (and why exactly these ideas didn't work). Does anybody know a source (in english) were more...
  18. I

    Unified Theory of Everything - Figured Out

    We all have read that a single theory to possibly fit on a diner napkin or small note card could be available sometime. My question to you all, is how does a non-scientist person go about having a legitimate scientist test a theory. If I have it figured out, and will require the help of a...
  19. I

    Unified Theory & God: A Search for a Single Force?

    It seems I posted this same post in the wrong area before. So maybe someone might be interested in discussing the topic on this section of the forum. My curiosity is about the quest or search for a Unified Theory and ultimately what it means. From reading Hawking's on the subject, it seems to...
  20. D

    Why do we Need a Unified Theory?

    I've been reading about string theory and extra dimensions that have been compactified. ..Anyway, why is there a desire to unify the various forces?
  21. G

    Paper on Unified Theory of Superman's Powers

    http://www.qwantz.com/fanart/superman.pdf "It is our opinion that all of Superman's recognized powers can be unified if his power is the ability to manipulate, from atomic to kilometer length scales, the inertia of his own and any matter with which he is in contact." It has nice figures...
  22. Z

    Grand Unified Theory aka T.O.E.

    If I remember correctly Dr. Michio Kaku said that in order to solve the T.O.E. and come up with the equation one have to combine Einstein's equations with that of quantum mechanics. If one fine day we can find the equation to the T.O.E. will we be able to decode the mysteries of the Universe...
  23. C

    Grand unified theory that is being researched in mathematics?

    Is there a grand unified theory that is being researched in mathematics?
  24. ChrisPeace

    Why do we need a unified theory?

    Hello everyone! I'm wondering why everyone feels its important that we have one unified theory of physics. Why must all things play by the same set of rules? I play baseball, or I play basketball, they are sports, but their rules are unique and that makes them special right? Why...
  25. H

    Unified theory (Are we close?)

    Einstein was dreaming about theory of everything that unify all the known physical forces in just one theory ... Unfortunately, he died before his dream comes true ... But nowadays, are we close to a real unified theory that explains the universe? Or is it just a wishfull stupid metaphysical...
  26. G

    Unified theory of everything

    I read sheldon Glashows view on the string theory he seemed to doubt it very much as a plausible theory, but some say this is our only lead towards a Grand Unified theory. What do you guys think? are we close to unifying nature? Steven Hawking believed it could be done before the end of the last...
  27. F

    Surfer dude creates unified theory

    Is this for real? It's hard to tell because many people (Ed Witten, Richard Feynman & others) have been called "the next Einstein". That phrase doesn't have much meaning anymore. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,311952,00.html
  28. H

    An attempt to the Unified Theory of Physics.

    Hi! I found a man that claims the following
  29. P

    Need some clarificationregarding GRAND UNIFIED THEORY

    (If this thread doesn't belong to this group, Iam sorry"... Regarding the "GRAND UNIFIED THEORY" It is the theory to find a link between the "four fundamental forces of nature"...and suppose that somebody some day find a "link"...then can You tell me what he has really found "what one can...
  30. F

    Unified Theory: Exploring Strings, Energy & Light

    In special relativity we say that a particle traveling at the speed of light uses all its energy to do so and thus has no energy for anything else. ie (movement through time) This begs the question; what is giving the string the energy to vibrate? Or does its maximum vibration equate the speed...
  31. H

    New Forces of Nature - A Quest for a Grand Unified Theory

    "New Forces" Will physicists find any new fundamental forces of nature, and how would we ever know we have found all the fundamental forces in the universe? Might this question be the corner stone to a grand unified theory? Or do we expect a solution which indicates the number of fundamental...
  32. Iacchus32

    The Coming Unified Theory Locked?

    I don't get it? But rather than get into all the speculative aspects of it, I just thought maybe I would offer my own take on what it might entail. I think the whole thing would be based upon establishing the notion that an absolute reality does exist. You know, we all say things are relative...
  33. B

    The coming unified theory

    What are we able to say about the coming unified theory? Here are some of my thoughts. 1. It will be a mathematical theory, but will not make use of highly advanced mathematics. Indeed, knowledge of highly advanced mathematics may be an impediment to its understanding. 2. It will be...
  34. Y

    A Unified Theory ? Scrutinize.

    1.) I began looking at the plane as if two opposite vertex's had two equal joining points on a plane axis. I considered that if I converted the two points used on the plane I could make a simplex, the axis/plane has three planar points right, and since the plane has three points I could make...
  35. O

    Stephen Hawking Grand Unified Theory

    Stephen Hawking states three possabilities of a Grand Unified Theory: 1.There really is a complete unified theory, which we will someday discover if we are smart enough. 2. There is no ultimate theory of the universe, just an infinite sequence of theories that describe the universe more...