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Analytical Mechanics: An Introduction

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    Someone knows the book: "Analytical Mechanics: An Introduction" by Antonio Fasano, S. Marmi?
    Is this a good book on mechanics?

    Thank you.
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    Any recommendations for a text which provides an introduction to Lagrangian mechanics and continues on to Hamiltonian mechanics?
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    The classical reference is "Classical Mechanics" by Herbert Goldstein.
    In my course on Analytical Mechanics, here in Brazil, I used "Mecânica Analítica" by Nivaldo Lemos. It is very similar to Goldstein's book.

    For a more geometric approach: "Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics", by V. I. Arnold or, for a more smooth transition, "Classical Dynamics: A Contemporary Approach" by José & Saletan.

    Arnold's book will be my next fun :)
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    The Fasano-Marmi was my textbook during undergraduate studies -- I covered almost the whole book in two courses. To me it definitely doesn't seem a book for rookies: the part on hamiltonian dynamic is rather abstract though I enjoyed much the exposition. I eventually recommend for a course in basic mechanics, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian. Avoid the chapter on continuous mechanic and ergodic theory -- the book wants to cover lots of different topics though only fundamental theories are exhaustive and well-made. If you are Italian, you might want to take a look to "Meccanica" by Gallavotti too.

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