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B Angle of Deflection in Elastic Collision

  1. May 25, 2016 #1
    This is the problem I am looking to solve: given two objects of different mass, find the angle of deflection after an elastic collision for each object.

    For both objects we know:
    • m : Mass in Kilograms
    • θi : Initial Angle in Degrees
    • si : Initial Speed in Units per Second
    • sf : Final Speed in Units per Second
    Looking For:
    • θf : Final Angle in Degrees
    I have asked some of my colleagues at work how to do this without assuming one of the objects is stationary, and no one knew how, so I am curious if there is a formula or a way to derive the angle from this information.

    SOLVED: I guess it is as simple as getting the slope from the position of the two objects then taking the arctan of that.
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    Conservation of momentum with the 2 objects applies since there is no net force in this system of 2 objects. Can you go from there?
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