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Homework Help: Angular Aceleration of Cilynder

  1. Oct 21, 2008 #1
    M, a solid cylinder (M=1.79 kg, R=0.111 m) pivots on a thin, fixed, frictionless bearing. A string wrapped around the cylinder pulls downward with a force F which equals the weight of a 0.690 kg mass, i.e., F = 6.769 N. Calculate the angular acceleration of the cylinder.

    Answer is: 6.81 E 1 rad/s^2


    If instead of the force F an actual mass m = 0.690 kg is hung from the string, find the angular acceleration of the cylinder.

    How far does m travel downward between 0.450 s and 0.650 s after the motion begins?
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    anyone can help me with that two problems above?.....
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    ty... i have done this exercise.... ty
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