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Angular forms of acceleration, velocity and displacement

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    I have been going through my equations and writing them up on the computer so I can refer to that when needed and have go to angular acceleration, velocity and displacement equations yet I dont have very many equations for those topics and I wondered if anyone had some equations for finding those values. I seemed to have more for acceleration, velocity and displacement in their linear forms, could I just changed the variables in those equations to their angular counterparts?
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    hi scotty_le_b! :smile:
    the popular ones, yes :smile:

    for example, from the pf library on https://www.physicsforums.com/library.php?do=view_item&itemid=204" …​

    In the direction of constant acceleration:

    [tex]v\ =\ u\ +\ at[/tex]
    [tex]v^2\ =\ u^2\ +\ 2as[/tex]
    [tex]s\ =\ ut\ +\ \frac{1}{2}at^2[/tex]

    Perpendicular to the direction of constant acceleration:

    [tex]v\ =\ u[/tex]
    [tex]s\ =\ ut[/tex]

    For circular motion, with angular displacement [itex]\theta[/itex], angular velocity [itex]\omega[/itex], and angular acceleration [itex]\alpha[/itex]:

    [tex]\omega_f\ =\ \omega_i\ +\ \alpha t[/tex]
    [tex]\omega_f ^2\ =\ \omega_i^2\ +\ 2\alpha\theta[/tex]
    [tex]\theta\ =\ \omega_it\ +\ \frac{1}{2}\alpha t^2[/tex]
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