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Homework Help: Angular vel. and mom.-origins vs. axes

  1. Mar 15, 2012 #1
    Angular vel. and mom.--origins vs. axes

    This is a conceptual question.

    Angular velocity is measured with respect to an axis, correct?

    Yet angular momentum is measured with respect to an origin, i.e. a point, correct?

    For angular momentum problems where only the magnitude of angular momentum changes, it seemed like we were calculating L with respect to an axis, but that was not correct, strictly speaking, right?
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    Hi TomServo! :smile:
    Angular velocity and angular momentum are both vectors (strictly, psuedovectors)

    Angular momentum is measured wrt a point

    Angular velocity isn't :wink:
    Right! In that case, we are assuming (correctly) that the angular momentum lies along that axis, without bothering to say so! :smile:
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