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Homework Help: Another small number theory proof

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    Show that if x, y ∈ Z and 3|x2+z2 then 3|x and 3|z



    => 3|x+z or 3|x-z

    if 3|x+z

    then 3|(x+z)2 = x2+z2 +2xz

    => 3|x2+z2 +2xz - (x2+z2)

    => 3|2xz

    => 3|xz

    so 3|x or 3|z

    where to go from here?

    just the arguement that if 3|x then 3|x2

    and therefore 3 must divide z2 => 3|z?

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    That's pretty much it
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    Is the statement of the problem correct? We see a "y" in the hypothesis, but a "z" in the conclusion. More serious, instead of


    did you mean


    I'm guessing that you meant the latter since your solution starts with


    and (x-z)(x+z) = x2-z2

    Finally, you had two cases (3|x+z or 3|x-z), but only addressed the first.

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    It can't be x^2-z^2. If x=4 and z=2, 3|12, but 3 doesn't divide 4 OR 2. Firepanda should try thinking about what x^2 mod 3 equals.
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