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AnswersInGenesis Got Sokal'ed

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    An Apology and Unification Theory for the Reconciliation of Physical Matter and Metaphysical Cognizance

    For people not familiar with Alan Sokal, being Sokal'ed is when a journal publishes a paper that has been sent in to try and trick the editors to publish it if it sounds professional and appeals to the ego of the editors even though it has absolutely no actual content.


    This is especially clear when you mix quantum mechanics with holography and young-earth creationism. This part is the very hallmark of a Sokal-style hoax:

    The position described above as ridiculous is actually ID creationism, not evolution.

    http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2008/02/which_one_of_you_little_rascal.php [Broken] weighs in on the issue.
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    Yeah, I'd agree they got Sokaled.

    Interesting list of hoaxes. I liked the Rosenhan experiment and especially the Spectra book.

    Have you seen the Kia commercials with Millard Fillmore soap on a rope? That's an H.L. Mencken hoax from 1917 and you still have some surprisingly respected people citing it as fact that Millard Fillmore popularized the invention of the bathtub by having one installed in the White House in 1850. I'm pretty sure most of the founders of our country took baths, so maybe Benjamin Franklin invented taking a bath.

    Or maybe not. Anybody can get Sokaled. Alan Abel and Buck Henry did a parody routine on the "Society for Indecency to Naked Animals" and even Walter Cronkite and CBS News got taken in.
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    Well, when you're a crackpot, I guess having other crackpots review and publish it, that would be "peer" review, huh? :rofl: It's really a tragedy that such a farce of a journal exists at all.
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