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Ansys - heat transfer within pipes and with surroundings

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    ansys -- heat transfer within pipes and with surroundings

    hello ,

    am doing my master in architecture n currently in my thesis stage and the thesis is about heat transfer within pipes and their influence on the surrounding atmosphere.

    i wish to know which is the right kind of analysis in ansys to study the effect of heat transfer between two pipes which has air flow in opposite direction and of varied temperature , but he pressure is same in both cases .

    please do refer the image for more explanation.thanks in advance

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    first study a simplified case with an analytical solution, e.g. by using the book of Lienhard:
    You need to simplify your coil by an annulus or something. This will already give you a rough idea of the heat transfer in this simple counterflow heat exchanger.

    In ansys (fluent?), you can use the conjugate heat transfer model with coupled boundary conditions between the coil/pipe and the air to simulate your geometry in more detail. You can use the known pressure as the inlet boundary condition for the flow.
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    thank you.
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