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ANSYS Workbench: Importing a load into Mechanical from external data

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    I have modeled a curved surface to which I need to applied forces defined in a Excel csv sheet. I have successfully created an external data box in the project schematic and tried to import the load into mechanical.

    The load file I have resembles:

    X Y Load
    0.3 1.0 20
    0.4 1.2 22

    the x y columns are used to create the path geometry for a cross-section. The load is to be coupled with the x-coordinate so that it is applied to the to surface of the generated surface (from the extruded cross-section along the path).

    The Problem:
    I managed to import the load and set it to the Z-component, however, when I generate the load, it seems to vary within the cross-section. I need it to vary along the path's x- coordinates.

    attached are 2 photos showing how the load is varying along the cross-section-- which is wrong. the colours should vary along the length of the surface.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Hi Galju:

    This is more of a question myself. How did you import the x,y,z text data file into ANSYS? What version were you using? I would like to know this also because I have say a surface measurement data in xyz format and make that an surface plot on a solid.

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