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Coordinates from Ansys Mechanical to Ansys Fluent

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    Dear all,

    I am implementing a fluid analysis on cerebral aneurysms and it is obligatory to apply the origin of my coordinate system at the inlet of the aneurysm.

    I use Ansys Mechanical for the meshing of my geometry which comes with a pre-applied Global coordinate system. I am able to create a new coordinate system at the inlet of the aneurysm ( 1st image attached ), but my query is as follows;

    how can I use my 'Custom' coordinate system applied on the Inlet as the default one instead of the global?

    You see, after I have created my mesh, I am using Ansys Fluent and I must use the 'Custom' coordinate system in order to have accurate results when I calculate coordinate related factors. Fluent uses the Global one, created by default in Mechanical.

    I have already tried the 'Translate Mesh' option ( 2nd Image attached) based on the offsets derived from Mechanical, but it is not enough, because an alignment of the axes on the Mesh is required. Unfortunately, the 'rotate mesh' option is not adequate to create a correlation from the data provided in Mechanical.

    Every thought is welcome.
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    Ansys Mechanical Global and 'Local' coordinate system at the 'Inlet'

    Ansys Fluent offers a translate mesh option. Useful but not enough in order to align the Mesh
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