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Antiferromagnetism and electronic config.

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    I'm studying para-ferro/antiferro transitions, and I have a doubt: how can I know, starting with the electronic configuration of a given element, if it will have antiferromagnetic o ferromagnetic order? Obviously one has J>0 and the other J<0, but I dont see how it relates to the electronic config.

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    Hi Talker1500:
    as far as i know,the magnetism of an atom is due to 1.electron's spin+2.L of electrons+3.the change that external field can have on them.
    for a configurations of atoms with their electron in a matter,you should solve the problem statistically.
    you'd better to take a look at "introduction to solid state physics" by Charles Kittel,chapter 14(i think)(paramagnetism and diamagnetism).at the beginning of this chapter you can find good result.
    inform us if you find any.
    thank you.
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    You can't predict ferro/antiferro-magnetic order from just looking at the electronic configuration of an element.
    This can only be predicted using sophisticated band-structure calculations.
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    I asked because I was reading a book a couple days ago (I think it was Blundell's), and there was a question at the end of the chapter "Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic order", that posed that exact question: why is metallic Fe ferromagnetic and metallic Cr antiferromagnetic?.

    I figured that the only way to know given the theory explained in the chapter would be using the electronic configuration, as there is no mention of band theory based calculations for this question.
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    i think you can answer this question according to the abillity of the magnetic moments to get alighned with the external magnetic field or not.
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