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Antimatter clouds and gamma rays

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    Can anyone point to the current state of research about the relationship between antimatter clouds and gamma rays, specifically gamma ray bursts?

    There was a science.com article quoted in a Yahoo news story. If anyone has read the article, does it say anything pertinent on this question?
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    Just quickly: I've not seen either the science.com or the Yahoo news story, so what follows may be completely OT.

    http://www.esa.int/esaMI/Integral/" is a good place to start for all things gamma and sigs of anti-matter.

    For GRBs and anti-matter, perhaps an hour searching ADS using the right key-words will give you the best quick summary. Be warned though: ADS gives >6,000 citations using 'GRB' in the title, in the last seven years!
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