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Any experience in the field of geophysics?

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    Hello, everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Has anyone here had any experience in the field of geophysics? I'm trying to decide on an undergraduate major that would best prepare me for graduate studies in environmental science.
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    I think in many cases, the better path is undergrad physics, grad physics with geophysics research or possibly geophysics program at this point. The undergrad "geophysics" programs I've seen are more of geology than geophysics, and not really that rigorous. So you'd probably do better taking a normal physics program for now, and filling in electives of interest.

    Environmental science is really damn broad. Specifically, you could probably come at it from just about any rigorous math / science / engineering major and do fine. Actual undergrad environmental science programs probably also have drawbacks due to lack of rigor, so if that's available to you, you should also take a very hard look at the specifics of the program before deciding to actually choose it as your primary major.
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    My first job out of high school was with a geophysics company. All I did there was solder circuit boards and make wire harnesses.

    The company did oil exploration using magnetotellurics. They weren't doing well financially when I left (over 25 years ago) and they're out of business now, but I would bet oil exploration companies are doing very well these days.
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    I am definitely considering an undergrad physics or chemistry major. I love both subjects so it will be hard to choose. The environmental science undergrad program at my school is all fluff and no substance so I ruled that out immediately. Geophysics looks interesting but I'll have to take a class in it to learn more about it.Thanks for the advice, Asphodel.
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    You can do both, if you plan well. If you're interested in environmental research it might actually be a pretty good idea.
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