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Is it possible for a geophysics major to get into astronomy/physics research?

  1. Dec 7, 2012 #1

    so I was initially planning on becoming a geologist, the subject does interest me but a major motivation for this was of course the money. Anyways I would always try to squeeze in astronomy classes as my electives and would spend a lot of time reading and watching documentaries about astronomy and physics.

    So when my room mate asked why I wasn't doing a minor in physics or astronomy, it kind of set of a spark in my mind and I went even further and decided I would major in it. Being quite far into a geology degree the only reasonable option was to do a geophysics degree.

    Sorry for the long background story, here is the real question.

    So I know that geophysics is an excellent degree to have in terms of getting a job. However if I did decide to go to grad school, I just could not see myself enjoying geophysics. My passion is definitely more in the field of astronomy and "traditional" physics (not sure how to describe that, I think you all get what I mean though). I was just wondering if it is possible to make this shift when getting into grad school?
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    I'm in sort of the opposite position right now... A physics major who's trying out geophysics. I'm also interested to hear what others have to say.
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    Usually it would depend on the specific courses you took in your program, but in general, a geophysics undergrad degree covers enough physics to qualify you for graduate school in other programs.

    You may want to enquire at a few of the programs you're interested in for specific judgements. There is a lot of common ground I would think between geophysics, planetary science and even imaging.
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    You can go into planetary science. like choppy said.
    i was wondering about this as well so i contacted my earth sciences head and a lot of geologists go into planetary sciences.
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