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Any good Calculus III books that comes with explanations?

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    I am using Stewart's textbook right now and it is horrible. I really wonder how my other classmates get their work done, I feel like I have more trouble than them. Weird thing is, most of them don't even pay attention in class.

    Anyways, are there any books that give Calc III exercises and give step by step solutions? Stewart's book and solution manual doesn't give even number solutions for some reason (what a rip off $60). My prof is like terrible explaining stuff, so I am kinda screwed.

    I also have tried Mathematical Methods by Wiley, but they don't have enough exercises
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    What is Calculus III?
    (ie, is there a specific syllabus?)
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    Oh sorry, Multivariable Calculus

    Syllabus includes Vectors and Geometry, Vector Valued functions, Multivariable calculus, multiple integrals.
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    My university uses Thomas' Calculus w/ Early Trancendentals for all three physics courses. I've only taken Calc I with the book and it helped me greatly; I'm taking Calc II this semester with the book. A new edition (12/e) was just released, but I haven't looked at its content. Calculus 6/e by Edwards and Penney is pretty rigorous from what I've read. The recent mathwonk praised the textbooks from Edwards and Penney (maybe because they teach in the same department).

    Good luck finding a book that suits your needs!
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