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How to relearn 1st year calculus?

  1. Jun 9, 2012 #1
    How to relearn 1st year calculus??

    I need to relearn the year of calculus that i took almost 5 years ago. I want to do this on my own if this is practical. I definitely have the discipline to sit down and spend the time doing this, but I really need to know at what point i can say, "OK, I now know 1st year calculus no problem"
    I noticed there are zillions of calc books out there but I need some sort of benchmark for myself.. Should i be looking at an exam, or just the problems in back of book or what?
    Im enrolling as math grad, so its assumed im going to be proficient with calc.. (i have stewarts calculus textbook and full solution manual)
    thanks for any help or ideas or advice
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    Re: How to relearn 1st year calculus??

    By calculus to you mean 'methody' calculus or 'analysisy' calculus?

    For methody I'd say Boas' Mathematical Methods book
    For analysisy I'd say Apostols Mathematical Analysis book
    .. surely someone enrolling as a math grad should remember first year calculus :eek:

    If first year calculus is just basic integrating powers of x and taking derivatives of powers of x then you could probably get that brushed up in a week at khanacademy

    Really I'd say that you should do problems and check with the back of the book or make up problems and verify via wolfram alpha or mathematica or something.

    Unless you're talking about some first year graduate maths I don't know about in which case forget everything I just said as I don't know!
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    Re: How to relearn 1st year calculus??

    A math graduate students should be able to do better than Stewart.
    Just get Spivak and Apostol. If you can solve most of the exercises, then you know calculus.
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