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Any physical engine free and open source?

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    I'm trying to simulate the ship travelling in ice. Basically, I would like to assume that the rigid body dynamics is sufficient to do the job since the main point here is the interactions between rigid ice fragments and the rigid ship. The fluid interactions with ice fragments should be considered, so is the ship and water. The problem is purely 3D, all the motions should be taken into consideration.

    The reason that I don't want to use FEM to do this is that there are still lack of good theories ( continuum theory) to describe the ice fracture and it is also time consuming if the model is big. Instead, a user-defined crack may be predefined in the physical engine by assuming some reasonable criterion (I mean, if that is appliable). And then do the simulation, which is doing some kind of tricks to the practical physics. However, the user-defined crack should be based on real failure patterns of course.

    I hope i have made myself clear. Are there some open platform that are available for me to use? Does anyone have any idea? Any comments are welcome.

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