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Physics Any research topics for a undergraduate student in modern physics?

  1. Mar 22, 2012 #1
    I ve browsed many sites and wasted most of my time for finding a better topic but most of my friends managed to publish papers in there interested topics(other than modern physics)..I m really desperate to publish a paper since its getting late..Can anyone plz suggest a better topic in modern physics(quantum mechanics/General theory of relativity) at undergraduate level since most of these topics contain stuff which is not possible to solve at undergraduate level....Though the system appears complex I believe that I m good at conducting THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS...My heartful thanks in ADVANCE :)
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    You really need to talk to a professor about this. No one expects undergraduate students to come up with original ideas on their own - how could you? You've only taken a few introductory courses and you probably aren't familiar with the research already done in these fields. You can't figure out what needs to be done without first knowing what's already been done. Thought experiments are generally not publishable. You'll need to at the very least do some math, and more likely, computer simulations and/or experiments. And keep in mind that most projects do not end up being interesting enough for publication. The idea is to get some experience. Try talking to your professors about possible topics you might be able to do related to their research.
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    But,I've been working hard by learning maths part of it.Unfortunately,none of my professors are fascinated by modern physics but they have been helpful to my other mates.I ve thoughts of appling some unused formulae's of mathematics to solve/explain present theories in much easier way,but it seems like searching for these unused formulae is difficult than applying them,so i felt knowing research topics would be helpful
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