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Any suggestions for NYC schools?

  1. Jun 22, 2012 #1
    So I have decided what I am going to do (for now...this will probably change 500 times throughout the course of my life. I'll take a tentative plan over no plan for now). For the next year I will save up some money, and keep learning economics/finance/weight training. After that I want to go back to school. I do not want a BS because I do not want to take core classes...I am simply doing this for knowledge. I would like a BS actually, I am just unsure if colleges will allow me to take my core classes from my BBA in economics and apply them towards the Gen Ed requirements for a BS in chem/physics.

    ANyway, so here is what I am looking to do:

    I want to double major in chemistry and physics. I want to take 2 classes a semester, 2 semesters a year and possibly summer classes. I figure I can do 5 classes a year, and probably learn enough from doing that in 5-6 years, that when I am 30 I can go for an MS in whatever I am more interested in, and then possibly quit finance and go for a PhD in whatever the heck I am interested in then. There is a solid chance I will not make it all the way to PhD...not even sure if I am smart enough to do that, but I do want an MS at some point. I just want to learn. I don't have much interest in astrophysics, or history of science. Also, I don't really want to spend a lot of money, because I probably won't ever really use in my career.

    So I need a school in NYC (preferably manhattan [more specifically near midtown], possibly queens), where it would not cost me more than $400 per credit (I guess I can be a little flexible on this), where there are night classes and weekend classes available and I don't want to take online courses (I can't concentrate on them). I know this is specific, and I know I am being a little lazy by not just searching myself, but I figured I would try this out first before searching.

    Side note...how long does it take you all before you feel like you 'get it'? Is it going to be confusing at first? Is it hard to master one thing before moving on? My concern is I am going to take two classes, and be like "damn, why don't I understand the world yet?" haha.

    Any way, thanks for any advice.
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    From your description in your post, it sounds like the City College of New York will fit your requirements.


    From the tuition section, it appears that for non-registered students, courses are $340 per credit.

    BTW, I am not from NYC, but I have read previously that City College has a great reputation.
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