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I Any theories muon and tau are just electrons

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    the current SM states that electrons, muons and tau are all different fundamental particles.

    are there any theories that suggest there is only 1 fundamental charged lepton, the electron, and that muons and tau are either electrons that are in a higher energy quantum state, and therefore mass, or electrons that interact with the higgs field that when enough energy is added, becomes muons or tau, or that perhaps when there is enough energy muon-type neutrino and electron-type antineutrino can somehow bind together with an electron to create a muon.

    in other words muons and tau are not fundamental particles. they are electrons in a higher energy state. the only truly fundamental fermions are first generation fermions, with second and third are just quantized higher energy states of first generation
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    No. And to avoid getting into personal theory, this thread is closed.
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