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Anyone have the TI-Nspire CX CAS?

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    Anyone have the new TI calculator? My 89 is working perfectly, but it's so freaking slow in graphing the simplest surfaces. My only concern is the battery life. TI claims this new color doo-dad will last 2 weeks between charges. Provided that is true, that would mean that I would probably have to charge it every weekend to be safe, which I can live with.

    Does anyone have one? What do you think of it? I'm specifically interested in knowing if it's as intuitive as the TI-89 titanium, works similarly, processes quicker, and so on. I also have no idea what the difference is between the CX and the CX-CAS. Obviously the CAS one can use solve() and other algebra system functions, but that's it? There are 2 CX-CAS models on amazon with different prices!?

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    Reviving an older thread here - hope that is okay!

    I have had my Nspire CX CAS for around 6 months now, and it's absolutely fantastic!

    The battery is not an issue, and with light usage I have managed to get around 3 weeks out of it, though recently I have started using it an awful lot, so I am down to charging every weekend - not a problem though!

    The screen is just brilliant, and the colours really help when graphing many functions on one page, as it automatically colour codes them. Speed wise it is really good too, and graphs appear within about a second of hitting enter. However, I have recently jailbroken mine with Ndless and overclocked the ARM processor and now she really flies! The whole system has been completely transformed, even just for simple things like opening the Documents folder, which used to take 2-3s but is now instant, but where it really comes into play is in graphing, especially in 3D, where graphs appear instantly and there is little to no lag when manipulating 2D graphs or rotating 3D ones.

    I have never tried an 89ti so I cannot compare but this thing really is fast - even if you keep it stock. I loaned a school 83plus for a while and hated it. It was okay but graphing took so, so long and I struggled a little with the low-res screen. One of the major improvements on the CX CAS is the whole 'Documents' system, which makes it really easy to save and retrieve data.

    The CX and CX CAS are only really separated by the addition of the CAS function, but in my opinion it is definitely worth the extra - it is unbelievably powerful and can solve just about anything in fractions of seconds!

    Oh, and if you are still not sold - I have now got a Gameboy Advance emulator on mine running Mariokart, Pinball, Tetris, James Bond, etc.!!!!!

    Hope this helps and if you have any more questions or would like images/screenshots just ask!

    Kind Regards
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