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Which Calculator is Right for Me?

  1. Aug 23, 2013 #1
    I need a new calculator for Highschool. I am looking at either the TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition, TI-89 Titanium or the TI-Nspire CX CAS. I plane to major in computer sciences and become a programmer so I am looking for a calculator that is good for programming. Thank you.
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    A Ti graphing calculator (don't know the number, sorry) should suit you fine for highschool, and I believe you can program stuff for them as well.
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    Have you considered an HP RPN calculator like HP48G+ or similar, why just TI? You'll find that RPN is more intuitive to use. I assume TI allows either mode of operation algebraic or RPN?

    Side note here... don't focus on being a programmer. Programmers are people that do the tasks for the Software Architect. Here read this article.
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    What is the difference between HP and TI and what is RPN?
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    RPN = reverse polish notation

    HP is the Gold Standard when it comes to calculators, TI is not.
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    Got your first lesson in computer science: RPN v. algebraic
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    But why is HP better?
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    So I should focus on Software Arcitect more than Programming? Why is it better?
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    Buy the Ti-89. The Ti-83/84 does not deal with logic operators or have HEX, Dec, BIN conversions built in. The Ti nspire is locked down and not available for advanced programming to avoid programs that could allow the student to cheat. Hence out of your three options, only the Ti-89 is a viable candidate.

    You should probably avoid Hp as its programming is quite different than anything you have seen and not used by anyone but Hp. However, Hp now offers the new Hp Prime which is NOT RPN (well not out of box anyway). It is comparable the Ti Nspire, but more open.
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